Fashion tips, enduring style in recession

Fashion tips, enduring style in recession

For the fall and winter seasons, there are two primary options available to stylish men who wish to have something that is comfortable and sleek – boiling down to a selection between a wool topcoat and a lined leather jacket or bomber.

Andrew Marc is an established name in leatherwear, and their quality products are sure to last the test of time. Those purchasing leather garments from more traditional outlets such as Danier, Tip Top Tailors or Moore’s would do well to scan the clearance departments that typically crop up at the end of the winter season (always buy ahead for next year!) as well as the general inventory that is brought forth in September.

Wool coats are much easier to find in vintage selections, ranging from outlets such as Value Village and Goodwill to private fashion boutiques in many urban centers. Wool coats also benefit from the resurgence in vintage or retro flair, and as long as the jacket is fitted and in excellent repair, there is no shame in wearing second-hand clothing. In fact, many men might take pride in being seen as such a skilled treasure hunter!

Avoid fashion quality garments designed only for looks and hardly for protection from the elements or concerns of basic durability. Such leathers are commonly offered by mall outlet stores such as International Clothiers, or Fairweather (FWM) – and may look nice on the rack with an attractive price point, but will surely fail to last more than a year or two without showing extreme wear and depletion.

Choosing Rugged, Durable Fabrics and Constructions

Choosing clothing that will last a few years and still look great is key in the creation of a low-cost, low maintenance wardrobe. For this reason, all-cotton or wool dress or casual pants are a must, avoiding any garment that has a large polyester constituent (which will lead to inevitable tearing, pilling, or simple wearing through).

Denim jeans are also a recession or depression era standby and continue to be both rugged and fashionable, so long as the shades chosen are tasteful and also compliment the tops that are commonly in circulation in any particular wardrobe.

When choosing between leather jackets, it might be wise to choose cowhide over more delicate leathers such as lambskin or deerskin – these softer and lighter leathers are far more susceptible to tearing and other damage than standard cow leather. Cowhide will also retain shape and colour much better than these other varieties, which are largely dress jackets meant for occasional wear.