Father of Amy Winehouse admits the singer thought she was pregnant

Father of Amy Winehouse admits the singer thought she was pregnant

Southgate, London – Mitch Winehouse claims that her daughter Amy thought that she was expecting a baby before she died.

It was already three years ago when singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse was found dead in her flat in North London. Authorities have found her without pulse around 3pm at Camden Square. It was confirmed that she died because of alcohol poisoning.

This year, a documentary about the ‘Back to Black’ singer was released, and her father Mitch was not at all happy about it. In an interview with the Seven Weekend Sunrise show at Australia’s Channel Seven, Mitch criticised the documentary and said it does not really portray her daughter.

Asif Kapadia created the film and, according to Mitch, portrayed Amy Winehouse as lonely and sad particularly a few days before her death. He further said that everything is wrong about the film. It is not an appropriate film to represent his daughter’s life. He does not like it, and he is sure the fans feel the same way, too.

He particularly pointed out that Amy was with British director Reg Traviss. The two were about to marry each other if not for the unexpected death. He also revealed that his daughter had thought that she was pregnant. That is why, for him, to create an impression that she was lonely, “she was on her own is frankly criminal.”

Kapadia responded defending himself. In an interview, he said that he had no agenda or whatsoever. He told The Independent that the film is not just about Amy Winehouse but also about the people around her. He explained that the lyrics used suffice for whatever is not seen in the film.

Mitch Winehouse noticed that Traviss was not included in the film, thus, depicting Amy’s life as isolated. He further added that his divorce with his daughter’s mother did not affect Amy.