Murray Edwards

Female-Only Cambridge University College Murray Edwards To Accept Transgenders

Transgender students can now place their applications to female-only Cambridge University college Murray Edwards. This is for the first time since its creation in 1954 and will be considered for the 2018 intake.

The college council says those transgender students who identify as female and taken steps to live in the female gender will be considered for admission.

A released statement in this regards reads, “Many of us within the college have sympathy with the idea that gender is not binary, and have concerns that narrow gender identities and the expectations associated with them are damaging both to individuals and to wider society.”

There are a total of three all-female colleges at Cambridge University. The other two are Newnham and Lucy Cavendish. They have not yet updated their policy anything related to the transgender students yet.

According to the President of Murray Edwards College, Dame Barbara Stocking, the college is open to all outstanding young women and so it is correct to accept applications from such transgender students who identifies themselves as female.

However, Germaine Greer said if the college fails to believe gender is binary then they should not be a single sex college.

Greer is a leading feminist and had lectured at Newnham.

Claudia Winkelman, Tilda Swinton and Sue Perkins are some of the popular personalities who are alumni to the college.

Meanwhile, the move has raised questions from several corners about the purpose of the college.

Women’s officer at the college, Kate Litman, said students are thrilled with the decision.