Finally Chris Hemsworth is Sexiest Man for 2014!

The wait is over , Due To Jimmy Kimmel had the recognition of announcing the 2010 handsome Hollywood hunk that snagged the title of individuals magazine’s Most sexy Guy Alive for 2014, and it is Chris Hemsworth!

After playing an enjoyable bet on Q&A using the audience, Hemsworth clarified their good or bad questions having a voice changer and mask via Skype, until they finally suspected his identity (because of some super hero questions).

“Thanks greatly for that trophy. I am most looking forward to the alive part of that statement. I am flattered. Thanks, Jimmy,” Hemsworth stated, and added that there’s no hard feelings from his also-hot brother, Liam Hemsworth. “Liam is nice. We have been tossing sexy looks backwards and forwards all week. So he’s been a genuine team player through this.”

He ongoing, “I love everything there’s about being sexy, to pursing the lips the proper way to squinting in the essential time. Thanks, Matt Damon, and all sorts of other previous intelligent males. This is dependant on an IQ test, not only the looks.Inch

For who Chris want to thank-“My parents, I suppose, for putting this together