How to Find a Trustful Wallet for Your Digital Currency

How to Find a Trustful Wallet for Your Digital Currency

You may not have heard about TRASTRA. It is a personal blockchain banking which allows cryptocurrency users to link the benefits of digital Currency with traditional payment methods.

And you do not need to wait long! TRASTRA is launching soon – in April, 2018.

TRASTRA CEO and Founder, Roman Potemkin, has announced, “We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and have substantial expertise in blockchain, payments and banking.

Our mission is to help people to manage cryptocurrencies as simple as traditional money and spend it in day to day life.”

Roman added that the new service is designed to provide users with free Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets, and IBAN accounts.

Digital Currency
International bank account number is used for making real cryptocurrency buying and selling transactions through SEPA payments supported in EUR to 26 countries.

To avoid scams and fraud, TRASTRA guarantees an advanced security by including a two factor authentication, multi-signature support, and SSL encryption in all its products.

Additionally, the company will introduce a plastic card in the second half of 2018.

Customers will be able to fill up their card with Bitcoins or Ethereum, withdraw funds at any ATM, and make online purchases, in order to spend cryptocurrency in real life with no limits.

TRASTRA payment cards will be available in EUR, GBP, and USD, and, if needed, they will also be able to be linked to PayPal account.

Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets, IBAN accounts and TRASTRA payment cards will be accessible through simple web and mobile apps.