Launches Review Monitoring Tool Launches Review Monitoring Tool

The web scraping company today introduced launching a review monitoring tool. With the new solution, collecting reviews left on various web platforms gets as easy as clicking a button. The tool is accessible both in form of a paywall and on an individual request.

The service’s core is a crawler aggregating reviews on a keyword (brand name) from various review platforms. The team came to this solution after receiving several requests for review collection. The clients requested review monitoring on a particular brand name to better understand their customers’ sentiment or to track a third company’s reputation while making an investment decision. The service was new to the team, as it combines web scraping service with business analysis and brand monitoring functions. On December 3rd, the company’s software engineers presented the tool that allows large and small companies to effectively and efficiently monitor reviews on their products. The current version works for a pool of the most popular international review platforms. The team is now considering adding new review platforms on request of the customer, as every single product type means a specific set of websites to scrape from.

The browser-based tool is accessible from anywhere on virtually any device. No local infrastructure is required. The solution is a cloud-hosted software platform with a modern, intuitive user interface that enables users to quickly and easily access reviews on a brand in an aggregated form with minimal training. The reviews may be extracted for 1, 2, 3 brand names at a time. The platform’s interface requires no programming skills, thus relieving non-coders and giving them a chance to utilize it daily without any help.

In his deliveries for early testers, the Company held on the following structure of the final Excel file: URL / Date / Review / Rating / Company. The accuracy of the final output is especially remarkable on the service, the first users said.

As it was mentioned above, the service was intended as a solution for a client’s company that needed data for reputation analysis. When an investment is planned, it is essential to evaluate the brand power of the fundraising company. Review collection helps to track possible social opinion manipulation cases, such as paid and fake reviews, and to predict the company’s stock value in the nearest future. After the first successful case, another followed – the collection of reviews on hotels for a travel tech company. The review monitoring tool may be helpful for the companies working in investment analysis, PR and marketing specialists of large companies, and for SME owners willing to track their client’s opinion.

For more information about the solution, visit the homepage of FindDataLab.

“We are now also working on an even more elaborate, more flexible update. The user will be able to receive an evaluation of how many reviews to his brand a given platform contains,” said Customer Success Specialist Max Novak. “This will be possible for unauthorized users, too, without buying a paywall from us.”

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