Finland happiest country in the world: Report

In Finland people are very happy. The country has been ranked as the happiest country in the world, second year consecutively, in a report released by United Nations.

The worst country to be happy is South Sudan, where sixty percent of the population are facing food insecurity. Bloody civil war in the country has claimed about 400,000 lives.

With a population of 5.5 million people Finland is known for their love of lakes, saunas and forests. The other Nordic nations along with Austria, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland and Netherlands have ranked in the top ten lists.

Britain has improved rankihng compared to a year ago. It has jumped up four places to 15th.

In recent years the happy metrics of United States have been found deteriorating. It has lost one step to settle to 19th place.

One of the report’s authors, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, said addictions are playing key roles in making people of US unhappy and depressed.

The conflict-ridden nations featured at the bottom include Afghanistan, Yemen and Central African Republic.

March 20 was the International Day of Happiness and the report was released on the occasion with warning that the world happiness has declined lately.

Below are the top 10 happiest countries in the world:

New Zealnad