Five Christmas tunes

Five Christmas tunes you won’t hear at the Mall

Sufjan Stevens- Get Behind Me, Santa! (Christmas song)

From Sufjan Stevens’ 2006 release, “Songs for Christmas,” this song is sure to please any indie pop fan looking for a catchy, fun Christmas song.

Stars- Fairytale of New York

A cover of the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl’s Christmas classic, this version by Toronto based indie rock group Stars is an interesting and more cleanly sung take.

Jimi Hendrix- Silent Night/Little Drummer Boy

This take on Silent Night and the Little Drummer Boy by guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix will please any of his fans, or anyone who wants to hear either of these songs torn to shreds by Hendrix’s playing style.

Lee “Scratch” Perry- Santa Clause

This is a strange, danceable, electronic song that includes the words Santa Clause in both the title and in the lyrics. No other connection to Christmas can be found, but it is amusing nonetheless.

The Raveonettes- The Christmas Song

This surf-rock inspired Christmas song from Denmark indie rock group The Raveonettes is sung by one male voice and one female voice in perfect harmony, crooning the catchy verses over a rhythm that includes sleigh bells ringing throughout the song.

Non-Traditional Christmas Music

These songs, among many others, make for good fun around Christmastime. At the very least, they can be interesting listens as one is exploring different types of Christmas music. For the indie pop or indie rock fans, Sufjan Stevens, Stars, and The Raveonettes holiday jingles may be the best bet. Fans of dance music or electronic music might be more inclined to Lee “Scratch” Perry’s tune, while classic rock fans or anyone who likes guitar improvisation will likely be impressed by Hendrix’s Silent Night/Little Drummer Boy.