Five Key Tips For Digital Publishing

As a writer, the first step to securing a publishing deal is to acquire an agent, a middle-man, basically your number one fan who will shout about how good you are to publishers and hopefully persuade them to read your carefully-crafted novel.They are the gatekeepers to the publishing industry.

Digital publishers, however, are changing the game because they talk directly to authors.This doesn’t mean that manuscripts are of a lesser quality. It just means there are new ways of doing things.

We live in a truly digital era, yet the digital publishing industry is still largely misunderstood.

Digital publishers are often young, dynamic companies striving to find creative ways to win influence in the online retail market of fiction and non-fiction.They also compete with traditional print publishers to discover the next big idea.

Now readers can plan to read a book on their commute or factor it into their day.That’s an incredibly powerful thing to know in the take-a-punt market. If readers are finishing the book, hopefully it generates reviews, which generates more interest and more sales.Libraries have also cottoned on to the digital readership and have developed apps where you can take out digital books. Readers say it can save on late fees because there’s no book to return.

Digital publishing: Five key tips

1. Do your research on the digital publisher. What are they looking for? Non-fiction? Fiction? Genre-fiction? Then read their submission guidelines and follow them closely.

2. Follow digital publishers who may be interested in your work on social media. They often put a call out for certain genres and hold open submissions. Plus you can always ask them for advice in this way. They do respond.

3. If you’re dealing directly with a publisher make sure you employ a freelance editor to go over your manuscript. An agent will typically do this, so you need that second opinion on whether the manuscript is ready or not.

4. Work with them on the marketing. Maybe you you can get your book mentioned in your local newspaper? It’s a start.

5. Get excited about the fact that you can now talk to publishers, but be realistic and don’t give up your day job just yet.