Five Pets Any Family Can Afford

Do you know how much a pet care can cost these days? A single dog can cost you up to 2,000 dollars during the first year, while a cat can cost up to 1,200 dollars for the same period. That means that a pet care can be quite expensive. Nonetheless, if your family wants a pet, you can consider other options.

Hermit crabs

Hermit crabs-pets

Maybe you are not exactly crazy about the idea that this is not a pet you can take in your arms and cuddle, but the truth is that a hermit crab will not put a mark on your family budget. Its needs are very low and consist of only a tank with a lid that lets air through, some food, water, and enough humidity to thrive.

A hermit crab will require a bit of care in the sense that its habitat must have constant conditions and parameters. That means that it is not the type of pet to purchase and forget.

Guinea pigs

A guinea pig can be cuddled and petted so that it might be a better option than a hermit crab. These furry creatures are low maintenance, and they only need a cage, bedding, and some hay. Especially for the big guys, you will need a proper cage, because guinea pigs, while they may not look like the type to exercise a lot, do need enough room to move around.

You can feed your guinea pig some vegetable chunks, as they’re crazy about them. Bear in mind that they do well with company, so buying two of them would be a good idea.



The smallest species of parakeets can be an excellent choice for a family on a budget. They do not require an unusually large cage, and bird food is usually inexpensive. Unlike a dog or a cat that can end up costing you thousands of dollars, these are easier to care for. Don’t forget that they like to socialize, and getting two of a kind is always an excellent bet. The initial cost of purchasing them can be very low, but that depends on the species.



What could be more entertaining than watching your fish swimming around in an aquarium? Of course, depending on what you have in mind, you can end up spending a lot of money both on fish and on their habitat, but a single betta fish costs only 5 dollars. For a small number of fishes, you will not have to spend a lot of money on the aquarium, decorations, and other expenses.

An ant farm

Kids can easily become fascinated with the way an ant farm can develop. The good news is that purchasing and maintaining an ant farm is inexpensive. You can find new options that are made with a unique type of edible gel that allows the ants to dig tunnels, and you to watch them while hard at work. A sand and dirt option will require some regular watering, but, concerning responsibilities, you will find it very convenient.