Former CBB Contestant Stephanie Davis Attacked By Stranger In Liverpool

Stephanie Davis was attacked by an unknown man over the weekend in a Liverpool car park. She is pregnant.

A photo of the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant was posted thereafter on Twitter by the attacker showing she is lying on the floor in fatal position.

The post was later deleted.

According to Daily Mail, the attacker had posted several images of Davis lying on the group and captioned those as, “Just rock bottomed that big brother s**g, pass it on.”

Citing a source the news media wrote the star is in traumatised condition about what had happened with her and she is being extra careful now as she is pregnant.

The source said the incident has shaken up the Stephanie Davis and she is finding it hard to believe a stranger could treat her in the manner.

“She is stunned someone would do this and share it on social media,” added the source.

The star’s mother Pauline is alleged to have tweeted, “You lowlife for assaulting a pregnant woman #gettingchargedmate #witnesses.”

Pauline added her daughter has just been assaulted and the lowlife who has done the act has also taken a photo of her lying on the ground.

The lowlife is now charged for assault.

Earlier this year in May the star revealed about her pregnancy by ex-boyfriend and fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jeremy McConnell.

The two have on-again-off-again-relationship. Currently they are off.

Jeremy tweeted he would not stand beside Stephanie or their baby.