France Bombards Heavily On ISIS Sites In Syria

French fighter jets have bombarded heavily on Sunday on several ISIS sites in Raqqa, Syria, two days after the Paris attacks that killed about 150 innocent people and injured more than 300.

Raqqa is claimed by ISIS as the capital of the so-called caliphate of ISIS.

The attacks in six locations of Paris on Friday have been claimed responsibility by the ISIS to which the French President described as an act of war.

The targets by French fighter jets on Sunday included a recruitment center, a command center, a terror camp for the terror group and an ammunition storage base.

According to press adviser for France’s defense minister, Mickael Soria, twelve aircraft were involved in the airstrikes that included ten fighter jets and a total of twenty bombs were dropped in the ISIS sites.

However, an ISIS media wing claims there were no casualties as the sites were abandoned before the French aircrafts had hit those.

As part of a US-led coalition, France has been targeting the ISIS sites in Syria since September this year.

The aircrafts on Sunday took off from the UAE and Jordan in coordination with the US forces.

It is also said the ISIS expected the retaliatory airstrikes and hence the fighters evacuated key facilities including security buildings, operation buildings and headquarters.

Activists reported the sheikhs in mosques expected the bombings.

Earlier this year in February too Raqqa was the target of retaliatory airstrikes after ISIS burned down a captive Jordanian pilot to death.