France Televises Suicide Bombing Footage Of Last Year’s Paris Cafe Attack

Five months ago Paris was rocked with multiple explosions at six different locations by Islamist militants that killed 129 innocent people and injured more than 300 others.

Now French television has aired security camera footage showing moment when one of the suicide bombers detonated its blast instrument.

The footage of a Paris cafe is disturbing showing 31-year-old Ibrahim Abdeslam walking into the busy bar at 9.40 p.m. on November 13, Friday night. He walks towards an empty table before covering his face with hand and looking down.

Within second a flash behind him could be seen and a puff of white smoke too. He detonated his belt. His body was ripped apart with the strong explosion but it was fortunate no one else there was killed.

The footage was televised Sunday night on M6 channel during a special edition of Zone Interdite (Forbidden Zone) that was watched by about two million audience. Some of the viewers criticised the airing of the blast tweeting the programme went too far.

Some of the viewers even questioned whether it was normal showing on television someone blowing themselves.

One viewer tweeted, “I have goose bumps, butterflies in my stomach and am in tears.”

Abdeslam was the brother of 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam who managed escaping the French capital after failed attempt to detonate his belt at the Stade de France on the same day. However, he was captured in Brussels a month ago just before two attacks in the city, at an airport and one at a subway station, that killed 32 people.