From Pro Evo to footy pro: top tips

From Pro Evo to footy pro: top tips

Sprint around the defence, break the confidence of the goalkeeper and, BOOM, back of the net! It’s another game of Pro Evo well done. With such a stonking goal, you deserve a sip of the lukewarm can of Carling from your coffee table. Ahh, this is bliss.

With a smug look on your face, you unpause your game and take another punt at your opponent’s goal. Another goal! And then another! You could weep more than a World Cup winner doing a lap pf victory.

But what if you could move from Pro Evo to pro footballer? From lukewarm Carling to sparkling champagne? From your manky settee to a freshly mowed football pitch? What if, eh?

It’s not quite as difficult as it seems. While you’re not likely to become the next Ronaldinho without training from a young age, there are hundreds of other roles that a footy fanatic can train for behind the scenes.

Once you’ve managed to pry your fingers from your controller and beer, it’s time to take part in the beautiful game. What can you try?

Kill it as a coach

Ronaldinho or Frank Lampard didn’t emerge from the womb fully formed, punting a football through the delivery room as their umbilical cord was cut. They’ve been plucked from inauspicious beginnings and trained by the finest coaches in the world.

Their training regime never ends, at least not until they’ve retired from their 90 minutes in the sun. As such, clubs are always willing to accept coaches with new ideas and buckets full of energy.

To become a coach, a football coaching degree is available to teach you all you need to know. These are available from distance learning providers, and can give you skills in programming training sessions, communication skills, financial management for your club, motivational tactics and even nutritional advice.

If you’re lacking a long career in football, then a degree in coaching could be your best entry into the game.

Serve the youth

We were all young once, even those old geezers in the hallowed football hall of fame. When they were sprogs who could barely kick a ball, they were guided by more than a personal determination. They had the hand of a youth coach to help them, a hand which will inform them until their final day on the pitch.

Becoming a youth coach takes more skill than rocking up to a pitch and bellowing at eleven shivering little ones. Before you can take charge of a team, you’ll be required to purchase a full disclosure from your local council authority. This will detail any past run-ins with the law you may have had.

After that, you’re good to go! You’ll be teaching kids how to shoot the perfect goal in no time. Perhaps those hours playing Pro Evo did pay off…