Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman on Batman vs Superman

The movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is already making a buzz over the casting and now that director Zach Snyder just tweeted the official photo of Wonder Woman for the movie, we believe that the hype just got more intense. Her character sure does mean business. Everything from the costume to her stance is jut fierce and definitely hot. Looks like we have a new character on film to watch out for especially the guys out there.The movie is not yet set to release until 2 years from now but we are already seeing posters of it and even their characters.

This is the nature of this industry, they create the hype as early as now so the intensity when the release finally takes place would even go crazy! There are predictions that the worst case scenario for the movie to earn would be around $750M. Wow! That number is not even bad at all! We can assume that it’s going to be arguably a blockbuster on 2016. The title alone is already intriguing enough so how much more can we expect on the storyline itself. It is definitely going to be epic. We doubt that anyone would even be disappointed watching it and yes, that’s also an early prediction coming from us where only the latest gossip on celebrities and entertainment right on the web. We have this one on our radar and we are indeed on the lookout for developments if there would be any about this movie. Are you excited? Well, we bet you are!

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