Garage gadgets for the New Year

Garage gadgets for the New Year

As we welcome in 2016 many people will be treating themselves to new clothes and holidays as the sales begin, but why not spend some extra cash on bringing your concrete garage into the 21st century? Although many people will think that’s impossible, your concrete garage can in actual fact be just as high-tech as the rest of your home.

Still don’t believe us? Well here are some of the most outrageous garage gadgets on the market right now:

High-tech flooring

Let’s be honest, most flooring in concrete garages is boring, cold and not homely at all. You can change all that with brand new high-tech flooring tiles that do not need any tools to lay. That’s because they snap together and actually prevent odour and moisture build-up naturally. And if that wasn’t enough, these new strong and long lasting flooring options are extremely easy to clean and do not chip.

Electric power

It doesn’t matter if your garage door isn’t electronically operated, because new technology means that homeowners can install their own belt drives to their concrete garage. These new drives come with a backup battery which will kick in if there is a power cut, has a timer to close the door automatically after you’ve left, and they can also be operated through smartphones and tablets.

Parking sensors

Parking sensors for a concrete garage? Surely not. Well these sensors aren’t like what you get on new cars, they are more of a laser beam that switch on as soon as your car enters the garage. They will guide you to the correct spot in your garage, so you never have to worry about scraping your car again.

Emergency light

Because most concrete garages have none or very little windows, internal lights need to be effective and work at all times. That’s because the garage can home a lot of sharp equipment that may cause harm if you couldn’t see in the room. Garage owners can now buy internal emergency lights that will remain off all year long until there is a power cut. When this happens, these lights will turn on and rotate around the room so everyone can see where to go. They can also be unplugged and used by hand so you can carry it around your home.

Insulated garage doors

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the most innovative garage technology, but insulated garage doors aren’t actually in a lot of concrete garages across the UK. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that if they invest in a high quality insulated garage door, they will save money on energy bills as more heat will retain in your garage – this is particularly useful if your concrete garage is connected to your home. Insulated garage doors can be bought from many local businesses and come in a range of materials, sizes and colours, with some even including windows.

If you are planning to spend your Christmas money in the New Year, don’t ignore your concrete garage if you are looking for home improvements. Garages are becoming an important area in a lot of homes, with these new technologies revolutionizing the room so much more. Invest in some of these and we can guarantee you will be thanking us for introducing these to you in 2016.