Germany Vows Spending $7B For Arriving Refugees From Warn-Torn Nations

Germany has announced of spending about $7 billion for the refugees of War-torn countries like Syria and Afghanistan who have entered the country in hundreds of thousands.

A late night talks were held in Berlin to find a way how to support the asylum seekers and the pledge of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government came after it.

This weekend people from trouble spots around the world crossed Hungary border and entered Austria and Germany in thousands. Trains were cancelled and many came on foot.

The refugees were marooned in Hungary as confusion persisted over the migration policy of EU.

By the end of 2015 up to 800,000 migrants are expected to arrive in Germany, if believed to the official statement. Most of the refugees will be from Syria, Iraq and Eritrea.

The government also announced improved housing for the refugees apart from language courses and enhanced security. All these will be part of the promised $6.6 billion aid package.

In recent months extremists have conducted attacks on several refugee centers across Germany. On Sunday too five were subject of apparent xenophobic attacks near Stuttgart. Arson is suspected in the shelter fire that injured refugees.

Meanwhile, some of the European leaders have called for quote system so that the refugees are evenly distributed across the EU countries.

As of now Germany is absorbing 40 percent of the refugees.

Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban said quote won’t make any sense as enforcement would be impossible due to the open-border policy of EU.

He always referred the migrant crisis in Europe as German problem.