GIF ‘Em And Weep: ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Trailer

According to many of the career advice websites out there, it’s considered “unprofessional,” “embarrassing” and “frowned upon” to cry uncontrollably and audibly at your desk all day.

What do they even know, anyway? They’re websites. On the Internet. They don’t have the ability to cry. They’re probably just jealous.

That’s what we’ve been telling ourselves, anyway, since the first official trailer for “The Fault In Our Stars” dropped Wednesday (January 29).

Because it’s just a little too much to keep hitting “replay” on the trailer itself, we took the liberty of GIFing key moments from today’s trailer. (We can already tell that “small infinity” is going to be the new “we were infinite.”) Join us in staring at them, hypnotized into a stupor of grief or happiness — it’s honestly hard to tell the two apart these days.

What? No, shut up. You’re crying.

That Time They Make Out In The Anne Frank House

That Time We Related To Hazel’s Tears

That Time They Twirled

That Time Hazel Was A Grenade

That Time They Were A (Semi-Nude) Hot Mess

That Time Augustus Was In Love With You, Hazel Grace

That Time We Swooned So Hard

That Time Augustus Feared Oblivion

That Time Augustus Rejected That

That Time They Were Okay

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