Gisele Bundchen Is World’s Highest Paid Model

It must be good to be gorgeous and get paid for being one. Yes, that’s definitely how Gisele Bundchen is living her life after being once again known to be one of Forbes’ highest paid models in the world for the year 2013-2014. It’s no surprise when you have the smoldering looks and hot body that this woman has. But it’s not only that, she works hard to have gone into the position where she is right now and it totally pays off. She’s 34 and is currently holding the record for earning $47 M just this year alone. If you think that’s too much, here are more facts that could even inspire you. There 21 models who also made the list of Forbes also made lots of money and guess what, Gisele still makes money from those 21 models. Like it or not, this is her 8th year for have that record and how do you think is she getting paid so high with that amount? Allow us to give you a simple breakdown. It’s pretty simple to be honest because she has so much campaigns and advertisements with her face on. She has contracts signed with major designers and fashion brands like Carolina Herrera, Chanel only to name a few. And in case you don’t know, yes she is also the face of Pantene.

Models like Adriana Lima is also known but only made about $8M which obviously was floored from the amount that Gisele is making from her earnings in the business of fashion. Aside from snagging literally millions of dollars, being currently married still to Tom Brady is definitely one of the best part of being Gisele Bundchen. Reports say that she has outearned him this year by $16 M but it’s not about that anyway when they have real love. That’s something you can’t put a price on. The fashion industry is an empire that if you know how to work your way to it, you’ll definitely earn some huge bucks and of course you’ll have to put enough effort to get into it and not work in mediocre. Gisele has been in industry for years and we have seen her work hard so may this inspire everyone especially aspiring models out there to just go for it and never quit. Who knows that maybe one day you are the next one to outearn this supermodel.

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