‘Godzilla’ Extended Trailer Has Monsters On Monsters

The extended look at “Godzilla” that recently premiered puts two of its main selling points front and center. This is going to be a smarter monster flick and probably one of the best-acted.

Think about it. Bryan Cranston is undeniably one of the best actors working today, regardless of medium. The end of “Breaking Bad” has made it painfully obvious that everyone could use a little more Cranston, and since he has yet to find really strong footing in the movies world, I’m all for him helping to elevate a Godzilla reboot.

The opening of the new 3-minute preview explains the backstory of Cranston’s character, Joe Brody, who suffers a tragedy caused by a side effect of Godzilla.

Brody works in a nuclear power plant with his wife (Juliette Binoche). When the king of the monsters causes a meltdown, Brody is forced to trap his wife inside the core to prevent the radiation from spread further. Both Cranston and Binoche, even in just a few seconds, deliver powerful performances. (Early Golden Globe frontrunners for Best Actress and Actor in a Motion Picture – Trailer?)

The theme of experiencing the side effects of Godzilla’s size and wrath continues with a harrowing scene of a tsunami hitting Hawaii.

From what we can see in this preview, director Gareth Edwards and writer Max Borenstein have taken a smart, novel approach to the concept of a monster movie. A beast the size of Godzilla would create other, more realistic problems for the little tiny people on the street, aside from stomping around and knocking down buildings.

It’s this kind of extra layer of thought that makes “Godzilla” one of my most anticipated movies of the year.

“Godzilla” opens in theaters on May 16.

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