green vacation

Going Green on Vacation can be Easy

It is not a new trend to see the sign in hotel guestrooms regarding water conservancy and the request to reuse linen and bath towels. To conserve water, many hotels have adopted a policy to ask vacationers to leave towels on the floor for new ones and hang towels back up if they are willing to reuse. Energy and water are conserved when towels and linens do not have to be washed.

Hotels and resorts are discovering that guest enjoy knowing they are doing their part in saving and conservation. Some simple techniques that hotels use to be more earth friendly go unnoticed to most guests, such as replacing light bulbs with energy saving bulbs, and serving ice water with meals only upon request. Motion sensors are often used in rooms to save energy and timers are in place for bathroom lights and fans to keep energy use down.

Just as a homeowner can take the steps to improving their green living situation, hotels can do the same. Water saving shower heads, toilets and dishwashers are easy ways to assimilate reduced water usage.

Taking it one step further and using bath towels made from bamboo and separating the garbage can into trash and recyclables are also easy ways to go green in the tourism industry. Simple things, such as using light dimmers and providing reusable drinking cups can help reduce a hotel’s overall carbon footprint.

With new hotels and resorts being built all around the world, it’s important to keep destinations as eco-friendly for the future of all tourism. This is a great opportunity for new resorts and hotels to climb to the top of the eco-tourism niche and make a difference within the community they build in.