‘Gone Girl’ Author To Re-Imagine ‘Hamlet’

“Gone Girl” fans: Prepare yourself for some truly historical mind eff-ery, courtesy of master mind-effers Gillian Flynn and William Shakespeare.

“What do these two writers have in common,” you may ask — “aside for a taste for some serious blood?”

Well, Flynn has been tapped to write a modern-day version of “Hamlet” and I’m just going to say it: this is going to be the most twisted side of the bard that we’ve seen since “Titus Andronicus.” The play about cannibalism, not the band.

The BBC reports that Flynn was commissioned by the Hogarth Shakespeare project to take on the classic play, a part of a series set to launch in 2016 in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

“Hamlet has long been a fascination of mine: murder, betrayal, revenge, deceit, madness — all my favourite things,” Flynn said of the project. “Add to that some of Shakespeare’s most intriguing, curious characters — from the titular brooding prince to rueful Ophelia — and what (slightly cheeky) writer wouldn’t be tempted to reimagine it?”

Given Flynn’s predilection for the dark, she seems a perfect fit for the task (although I think she’d crank out a pretty chilling rendition of “Macbeth” as well).

Not only is she the author of the soon-to-be-novel-turned-movie “Gone Girl,” which tells the tale of a man dealing with the sudden, violent disappearance of his wife, she also penned two other (even more) chilling tomes: “Sharp Objects” and “Dark Places.”

“Sharp Objects” is about a reporter tasked with covering a string of child murders in her hometown, while “Dark Places” deals with the only living member of a family that was allegedly murdered by the only son.

Pathos, darkness and family are common threads running through Flynn’s work, making her more than up to the task of putting a modern twist on one of literature’s most iconic works.

Brenna Ehrlich

Brenna Ehrlich is a reporter for Entertainment Magazine as well as the senior writer/editor for the O Music Awards. In the past, she served as associate editor at Mashable, penned a netiquette column for CNN and co-authored the blog and book “Stuff Hipsters Hate.” She likes trying not to die in moshpits and listening to songs on repeat. Follow her on Twitter @BrennaEhrlich for news on cats and punk bands.

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