Good time to reflect with music of Philip Glass

Good time to reflect with music of Philip Glass

Gorgeously written, composer Philip Glass delivers some of the most heavenly classical symphonic music of of the 20th Century.

Full of texture, color and dynamics, Philip Glass is quite often overlooked for his genius. Performed by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra by conductor Marin Alsop are two of Glass’s greatest works, Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3.

In both these symphonic pieces, Glass explores music he grew up with, inspired by his days studying at the Juiliiard school in New York.

Glass composes these two works, exploring beautiful the magic and freedom of polyharmonies, with a mixture of classic dynamics, complete with booming climactic endings, riveting finalies, and intricately designed atmospheric melodies.

Beautiful, Haunting-Glass Captures Timeless Music in an Island Bottle Washed to Shore: Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3

Soothing and peaceful, this is the perfect music to reflect on the comings and goings of a day. It’s great for spending time lying out on the beach, reading your favorite paperback novel. Glass is great for airplane trips to a city of adventure. These two works are flawless in its execution by one of the legendary composers of our time.

Born in Baltimore, MD in January 1937, Glass grew into a love of music at an early age, as his father was tied to radio as a record salesman.

Glass attended the University of Chicago, studying mathematics. Perhaps it was his creative soul and mathematical mind that led him to his true calling, being accepted to Juilliard, where he was a committed student, completing his courses, graduating with honors.

After his studies in the states, Philip Glass traveled to Paris, inspired by his mentor Nadia Boulanger, one of the 20th Century’s great classical teachers.

Much of his drive, focus and inspiration for the music he is well known for today originally came from his initial work transcribing and notating Far Eastern and Indian music, most notably Ravi Shankar.

To this date, Philip Glass is one of the best known, highly respected and revered composers in modern classical music, especially to the booming younger generation of aspiring artists in the field.

A Dazzling Work: Glass is Perfect for Meditating on the Good Things in Life, and Planning Ahead for the Future

Symphony No. 2 originally premiered in Brooklyn, NY circa 1994. This cd finds it delivered with utter beauty, haunting harmonies, and a wide tapestry of brilliant instrumental colors.

Symphony No. 3 was first performed in 1995 in Kunzelsau, Germany. Here, led by conductor Marin Alsop, the performance displays Glass mastery of using double harmonies, lush textures in mood and emotion, and riveting dissonant phrasing.

In the end, this record is a must have for fans and listeners of classical music. One must not forget to add this superb recording to their home collection.