Google Fires Senior Software Engineer For Writing Anti-Women Memo

Google is reported to have fired a senior software engineer for writing a controversial memo on women. He is learned to have written criticizing diversity initiatives which was leaked online and sparked good protests on social media.

A former software engineer of the search engine giant, Kelly Ellis, said some of the female employees of the company stayed at home on Monday for being uncomfortable going back to work after the 3,300-word document written by James Damore was internally shared.

Ellis said she was not surprised learning about the new memo as such language for women was earlier too been used and internally circulated when she was an employee at Google.

She had quit Google job in 2014 after being sexually harassed.

The new memo says biological causes are one of the main reasons why female employees are not represented equally in its tech departments and leadership.

Name of the memo writer was revealed by Reuters and Bloomberg, which adds the employee cited men’s higher drive for status too.

Damore even criticized the company for being an ideological echo chamber which became hard to dissent from “Google’s left bias” and also from the “politically correct monoculture.”

He faulted Google further for mentoring the employees based on race or gender.

Ellis added even though she is not a manager at Google, but Damore’s opinions impacted her female peers directly.

She continued, “Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values and the culture we continue to cultivate.”

Earlier this year in April, the search engine giant was also accused by a Department of Labor official for practicing systemic discrimination against women.