Google Partners Lenovo For Project Tango-Based Smartphone Creation

Google and Lenovo announced Friday partnership in creating a new smartphone that to make use of Project Tango, a 3D augmented reality technology.

According to a team member of the project at Google, the sense of space and motion of Project Tango will be built into a mobile phone now.

Johnny Lee added the Project Tango will help in creating a magical window and users can now use the room around them to hide behind furniture and play games too.

The Google executive showed a demo of the new creation that uses Tango’s sensors in measuring the height of walls inside a room.

The press event was held Friday at the Aquaknox restaurant in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Lenovo vice president Jeff Meredith said at the press conference the company has locked arms with the search giant in coming up with a consumer device based on Tango and their goal is to create a mainstream device.

The new smartphone will sport a processor supplied by Qualcomm.

Meredith added the final design may be out by summer of this year and the launching price of the smartphone would be under $500.

He said further, “We are extremely proud of where we are at this stage of the effort… We don’t want this to be a niche technology.”

The press event also briefed the upcoming phone to sport screen of 6.5-inch and over 5,000 developers are engaged by now in making apps for the new creation.

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