Jeannine Rice - marathon

Granny Jeannine Rice at 70 makes world record in marathon under her category

Pensioner Jeannine Rice and grandmother from Ohio smashed world record in her age category of 70+ finishing a marathon race in just 3 hours and 27 seconds. She broke the previous record of three hours and 35 minutes set by Helga Miketta in 2013.

The 70-year-old granny debuted marathon race in 1964 in Cleveland and since then has been running marathons for whole life. Her best performance was in Columbus and she finished in three hours and 16 minutes. It was her second attempt.

The latest in Chicago was her 116th marathon and after finishing the line she said, “I’ve been running for 35 years and it is a huge part of my life… I love competition and preparing for races helps to keep me motivated to run better and faster.”

Jeannine Rice has regularly focused on improving her speed and all year round she runs for 5Ks and 10Ks. For half of the year she travels to Florida to escape cold weather even though the wind and rain make things tougher for her.

The old lady starts her day at 5:30 am for a run. She runs every day. She never feels 70 means retirement and slow-paced days. Just ahead of marathon her weakly mileage increases.

Jeannine adds that she make sure to get good diet and good sleep. For her the age is just a number and people should keep running if he or she is physically fit and capable.

She further said seeing finish line make her feel great, and especially in Chicago. She had an amazing feeling knowing to have broken world record by about seven minutes.