Your Guide To Buying Maternity Clothes

Are you worried that dressing while pregnant means resigning yourself to frumpy fashion? Don’t be. Maternity wear is undergoing a revolution. The latest pregnancy fashion trend makes a lot of sense: forward-thinking brands are designing “investment” pieces intended to outlast pregnancy — and even be worn by non-pregnant woman, the Guardian reports. And while maternity clothes are a lot more stylish than they used to be, many mums-to-be still struggle to find outfits that fit and flatter. But with the right knowledge and planning, you can find stylish yet comfortable maternity clothing that helps you look and feel your best as you near your due date.

 Building your maternity wardrobe

Leggings should be a staple in your maternity wardrobe. They mold to your body shape and feel like second skin. Maternity jeans are also easy to thrown on and so much more comfortable than regular jeans. Pair them with a neutral-coloured stretchy T-shirt and you’re good to go. 

A-line or empire-waist shirts and dresses are both stylish and comfortable. They come with a seam right under the bust to allow extra room for your growing bump. Alternatively, form-fitting maxi dresses will highlight your beautiful pregnancy figure and you’ll look and feel great.

Your feet may swell during pregnancy. Buy a pair of comfortable, supportive shoes — like flip flops, crocs, or plimsolls — that you can effortlessly slip on. You’ll also need to invest in good-quality underwear. Your cup size will increase, but there’s no way of knowing what size you’ll need it advance, so buy new bras as needed. When your underwear fits right, your clothes also look so much better.

 Building your maternity wardrobe


 Must-follow shopping tips 

Be sure to closely examine the fabric of the clothes you’re buying. It needs to be stretchy enough to accommodate your growing body. Cotton jersey and Lycra are common stretchy materials which will allow you greater flexibility throughout each stage of pregnancy. Sheerness is also something to factor in. Since you’re looking for clothes that stretch, you also have to be confident that this doesn’t mean they’re see-through.

Aim to try-on anything you want to buy first. If something feels tight or uncomfortable, put it back. Maternity brands usually base sizes on pre-pregnancy size, so go with your regular size. Sometimes, however, you may want a larger fit for comfort.

Layering your outfits is also a good idea. Your body temperature can fluctuate during pregnancy; you may find yourself hot one minute and cold the next. Create a few outfits which make it easy for you to add or peel off items as necessary.  

Of course, not everyone can afford a whole new maternity wardrobe. If you don’t want to splash out on clothes that will only be worn temporarily, you do have other options. Have a look around the local charity shops; you’re bound to find at least a few items you need and at bargain prices. You could also look into maternity clothing rental services which have monthly or unlimited subscriptions. This way, you can stay comfortable and stylish throughout pregnancy without breaking the bank.