Guide to catching beakon in Palworld

Guide to catching beakon in Palworld

Ready to catch the awesome Beakon in Palworld? You’re in the right place! This guide is like your treasure map to finding Beakon and using smart tricks to make it your Pal. Beakon is super cool with electric powers, and we’re here to help you make your Palworld adventure way more exciting by getting this amazing creature on your team.

Where to Find Beakon

If you’re wondering where Beakon likes to spread its wings, head to the Deep Sand Dunes near the fast travel point. Pinpoint the coordinates (496, 516) and (528, 531) to increase your chances of encountering Beakon. These areas are the hotspots where you can engage with Beakon and try your hand at capturing it.

Capturing Strategy

To successfully capture Beakon, understanding its weaknesses is key. Beakon’s Electric Elemental Type makes it susceptible to Ground Element Pals. So, gear up with Ground-type Pals in your team to gain a tactical advantage in weakening and capturing Beakon effectively.

Unlocking Beakon’s Power

Once you’ve secured Beakon, you’ve gained a versatile asset for your Palworld journey. With its “Thunderous” Partner Skill, Beakon serves as a fantastic flying mount that adds Electric damage to your attacks. In battles, unleash its active skills like “Air Cannon,” “Spark Blast,” and “Lightning Bolt” to make Beakon a formidable companion.

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Capturing Beakon is not just a task; it’s a strategic adventure that elevates your Palworld experience. Follow our guide, explore the Deep Sand Dunes, and harness the power of Beakon to dominate the skies and battles in Palworld!