Gunman Injures 9 In Houston Neighborhood

At least nine people were injured Monday morning in a shooting in a Houston neighborhood by a disgruntled lawyer wearing military-style apparel equipped with old Nazi emblems.

Six of the injured were directly shot while three others received eye injuries from flying glass. Two of them are in serious condition.

The gunman had two weapons and over 2,500 rounds of live ammunition. He randomly shot at drivers but was shot and killed by police.

The man is still unidentified and his motive is still unknown, said Houston Homicide Capt. Dwayne Ready and interim Police Chief Martha Montalvo.

Bomb squad robot examined the gunman’s Porsche that is licensed to Nathan DeSai of condo complex in the records of Texas motor vehicle.

Condo complex property manager said police were going through the residence of the man.

Vintage military items were found from the resident of DeSai that dates back to the Civil War. Some guns were discovered too from the apartment.

Following reports of shootings at around 6:30 a.m. police rushed to the scene and found the gunman fired to them too with his 45-caliber semi-automatic handgun and a Tommy gun. DeSai had unsheathed knife too. The guns were later found to have been legally purchased.

According to Mayor Sylvester Turner, the man was a lawyer and is believed to have been either fired by a law firm or had bad relationship.

His former law partner Kenneth McDaniel said their 12-year-old law firm was shut down forever earlier this year in February due to economic conditions in relation to the energy industry downturn of Houston.