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Half Ton PML-N Workers, Police Injured In Lahore Rally Clashes During Arrest Of Nawaz Sharif

Who will be the next prime minister of Pakistan is still a question with a bit more favor to former cricketer Imran Khan. The country will go for polls on July 25 and ahead of it the ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif was arrested along with her daughter Maryam after landing at an airport in Lahore while returning from London.

The arrest was not expected and clashes broke between his party workers and police. About half-a-ton people were injured in Punjab province of the country.

The two, father and daughter, have been convicted in the Avenfield properties case and is currently prisoned at Adiala jail in Rawalpindi following being detained at Sahala Rest House, which was declared as a sub-jail.

Punjab Police spokesman Niyab Haider said twenty policemen and 30 people were injured in the clashes between PML-N workers, the police and Pakistan Rangers.

Haider added the party workers pelted stones at them after they fired tear gas.

He said it was not understood why the party workers protested at the airport as the two were flown to Islamabad on a jet after being arrested at the Lahore airport.

PML-N spokesperson Marriyam Aurangzeb said, “Thousands of our workers stopped at different entry points of Lahore who were coming from other parts of Lahore to join a rally to welcome Nawaz and Maryam.”

Ahead of the Lahore rally nearly 400 PML-N workers were detained. Later Lahore High Court ordered release of all.

Sharif’s wife Kulsoom is currently suffering from throat cancer and is undergoing treatment in London.