The Highlight of the 2014 Emmy Awards

The world of entertainment is filled with celebrity gossip today because TV won’t be complete without the most prestigious award giving body in the field of television which is the annual Emmy Awards. This year once again has made lots of great memories to the people involved in this industry as well as to the people who keep supporting the arts and workmanship of some of the most hard working actors, writers, producers and directors in this field. This year has sure to have given lots of laughs, tears (most of it is tears of joy) and well, some awkward moments that will always be a part of the humor that is of Hollywood made. The opening was lead by funny man Seth Meyers in which he has given such strong yet humorous remarks on the VMAs. Amy Poehler on the other hand was hilarious coming out impersonating the Queen “Bey”. We mean Beyonce! That’s in case you don’t know her latest name in the biz.

Jimmy Kimmel also made an appearance and even extended his usual segment for his love on actor Matthew McConaughey and he even called him a “beautiful son of a bitch” this time, which made a lot of people laugh because it does sound so “bromantically” adorable. Another McConaughey related humor is when Gail Mancuso received her award for Modern Family as best director whilst she was looking at the actor without crying doing her speech. Seriously, that one was really a distraction of a lifetime for her because she was doing all her thank yous staring at the actor instead of her cast.


More celebrity gossip today because the entertainment world doesn’t really sleep.