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Holiday Gift Suggestions for Food Lovers

Edible Treats in Toronto:

Farmers’ Gift Baskets – Enjoy a basketful of local delights from the vendors at The Green Barn Farmers’ Market! Talk about taking local to a whole new level. Each basket will include a combo of the best local Artisan products from around Ontario together with “The Stop Market Money” – bucks you can come back and spend at the market once the holiday season is over. Marina Queirolo’s SURKL Empanadas (best in the city), Evelyn’s Crackers, St. John’s Bakery baked goods, Chocosol Chocolates, Akiwenkie fish, and Toorshi pickled veggies are just some of the fine options available. Baskets available in $45, $95 and $145 options.

Location: 601 Christie Street, Toronto, Ontario

Pimenton Spanish and Mediterranean Fine Fods- Here you’ll find Spanish academic and cook Lola Csullog-Fernández’ Tarta de Santiago, the emblematic, delicated and gluten-free almond flour cake of Santiago de Compostela. She’s also got home baked Saffron Honey Christmas Cake, imported Spanish turrónes, Bomba and Calasparra rice if paella is on the menu (paella pots also in stock) as well as gorgeous olive oils, sherry and pimenton- the country’s most famous paprika.

Location: 681 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Toronto, Ontario M4S 2N2

Online Goodies:

Honey Ridge Farms- From new honey-based grilling sauces to honey crèmes, the honey used in these products come from the family’s pure, artisanal supply in Bush Prairie, WA. The grilling sauces are seasoned with herbs and spices and are available in mild, medium and hot varieties. Honey Glazes are available in Cranberry Chutney, Ginger Lime, Orange Chili, and Sweet Chili; a possible twist for your holiday bird or any of favorite roasted entrée. The all-natural, whipped honey crèmes are available in gift packs of Apricot, Clover, and Blackberry or Cranberry, Spiced, and Raspberry.

Das Caramelini- Small batch, quality caramels made with TLC by Illinois candy guru Katie Das. Read all about her beautiful caramels here. And if you’re really in the mood for something sinfully delicious- you can also try her “Adult” flavour lollies including Man Bait Bacon and maple syrup. The husband was hooked in one taste!

Book It:

Tips Cook Love by Rick Rodgers- This Sur La Table staple by author Rick Rodgers offers the home cook over 500 tips, techniques and short cuts to help demystify cooking. The tips come from many of Sur La Table’s customers who kept asking the same questions until the shop got hip to putting them all down in print for happier home cooks. If you want to know how to roast the perfect turkey, how to substitute yeasts, test oven temperatures or prevent onion tears, then this pocket-sized wonder is your cup of tea.

12, 167 Kitchen and Cooking Secrets- Everyday tips, hints, techniques and more by the Toronto Star’s Susan Sampson fits the bill if you want more, more, more information. Don’t have a rolling pin? Sampson suggests a wine bottle will do in a pinch for small jobs. Have fruit flies? Catch them with cider vinegar- just make sure to poke a hole in a jar’s lid to entice them all in. Sampson includes tips to avoid too- like milk won’t boil over if you put a wooden spoon in the pan. Her answer to that myth, “You Wish!”