Holiday Glamour for Ebony Skin

Holiday glamour for ebony skin

This look is a simple yet elegant basic eye look that will help cause a stir at the office party this year. This special look is specifically designed for darker or ebony skin tones.

The following products are needed:

  • Eye shadows in peach, shimmer gray, and black
  • Black eyeliner
  • A Plum blush
  • Chocolate lip liner
  • Chocolate lipstick
  • Shimmery bronze lip gloss
  • Black Mascara or false eyelashes
  • Makeup brushes

For the eyes

  • After applying foundation and setting makeup with powder, begin by applying the peach eye color to the brow bone, lid and along the inner bottom eyelashes.
  • Starting at the outside crease of the eye, apply the shimmery gray eye shadow into the crease and blend with the peach color.
  • Take the black eyeliner and line the top lashes of the eye. Get as close to the lashes as possible to create an elegant, subtle line.
  • Next, take the black eye shadow and apply in a C shape. Start at the outside corner of the eye and apply along the lashes then go back up into the crease and blend with the grey eye color.
  • Also apply the black shadow softly to the bottom lashes blending with the peach eye shadow.
  • End the eyes with three coats of mascara or a great set of false eyelashes. (Holiday parties are a great time to break out a set of false eyelashes!)

For the cheeks

  • Smile and apply the plum cheek color to the cheekbones.
  • If it is needed, apply a deep bronze color to the cheek bones first to define the cheekbones even more. This will help give extra definition to the face if needed.
  • If this is a special evening out with friends at the clubs, a little bit of sparkle can be fun. Many companies come out with great clear shimmery powders to add an extra touch for the holidays. Don’t get carried away, but a little bit of sparkle can be fun.

For the lips

  • Line lips along the natural lip line of the lips. If necessary, “correct” any mistakes in the lip line.
  • Also, fill in the lips with the lip liner. Doing this will prevent uneven wear to the lip products as well as keeping the lip products on longer.
  • With a clean lip brush, apply the chocolate lipstick, blending with the lip liner.
  • Next dab a small amount of the shimmery bronze lip gloss to the center of the bottom lips and smudge out with the lip brush.
  • Make sure to clean the lip brush after to prevent damage to the brush hairs.
  • Enjoy the holiday evening out with friends and family!