summer vacation learning

Hone school skills with educational children’s TV and internet

Summer is a great time to escape from the classroom, but children shouldn’t forget what they learned during the year. Educational television and educational Internet sites help kids remember what they learned in math, science, English and other subjects. The best part of this type of educational reinforcement is that it is fun, which makes kids want to learn even more.

Summer Fun With Curious George Vacation

Turn a family vacation into a magical (and scientific) memory with none other than the beloved Curious George. Festivals such as the Curious George Cottage Family Festival in Waterville Valley offer games, stories, photo opportunities, face painting, movie viewing and other activities such as nature walks and Planetarium shows with the mischievous monkey. Curious George can be found on a local PBS station. Let children learn new concepts in math and science or hone the skills they learned in school as they watch Curious George episodes and attend a family-friendly festival.

Kids Math Fun With Cyberchase

Get some fun math help both onscreen and off with the Cyberchase gang. Frances Nankin, Executive Producer/Editorial Director of Cyberchase offers some great tips from Cyberchase for parents to help kids keep math skills sharp over the summer and vacation months. In her tips and suggestions, Nankin helps parents play with their kids to keep their math skills fresh as they earn money, play number puzzles at the ball park, exercise and learn use math to make waiting in line fun in places such as an amusement park. In addition to these tips, kids can watch Cyberchase on television and online to learn math lessons while keeping Hacker from making his devious plans succeed.

Summer Vacation and Homeschool Education With Leapfrog

Keep learning fun with the LeapFrog gang as kids read books, play games, and interact with exciting stories. As the kids play, they practice lessons taught during the school year in math, science, and reading. Whether a child is linking letters phonetically and learning to read by watching Leap on YouTube or whether a child is practicing math skills through an arcade-style electronic game, LeapFrog can help children of all ages keep their skills sharp while on summer vacation or during school time for homeschool lessons.