How lollipop shaped woman should dress

How lollipop shaped woman should dress

As explained in a previous article on dressing to suit one’s body shape, lollipop shaped women have big busts, slim hips, and long legs. This may be great for a glamorous movie star, but it is a shape that is surprisingly difficult to find clothes for on the high street. As a result, many lollipops feel ungainly and under-confident at times. But they can look fantastic with a little care; read on…

Principles When Dressing the Lollipop Shaped Woman

Lollipops need good underwear to support their fantastic boobs; this is a must. Then, they should concentrate on fitted tops, with sweetheart necklines, which show off the bust without over-emphasising it. Skirts and dresses should be of flowing fabric. While the lollipop’s long legs can accommodate any kind of trousers, the most flattering shape for her is the bell-bottom, as it balances her out so that she looks less top-heavy.

Most importantly, the lollipop should stand tall, and beware of slouching. She should be proud of her big bust, not try to hide it. But the right clothes can make her appear more in proportion.

Casual Clothing for the Lollipop Shaped Woman

Again, a sweetheart neckline is the best shape for a lollipop, since it widens her shoulders and therefore makes her bust appear smaller. This can be done with a waistcoat over a shirt with long, flowing sleeves. Flowing trousers with wide bottoms or bell-bottoms are the lollipop’s best casual look.

While lollipops can look great in jeans, they should beware of over-emphasising their legs, as they can easily end up with their top halves almost disappearing. They should aim to achieve a balanced and fluid shape.

Smart Clothes for the Lollipop Shaped Woman

It can be hard to find a fitted jacket to suite a large bust, and the lollipop is perhaps best to opt for a dress for smart occasions. Square or sweetheart necklines are good for her, and soft, flowing fabrics. The skirt should be flared and come to the knee or lower; the lollipop has good legs, but again, she does not want to over-emphasise them. Plain high-heeled shoes complete the lollipop’s smart look.

A Party Look for the Lollipop Shaped Woman

Lollipops can find it difficult to find dresses that fit, so make sure any dress fits over the bust, and if necessary find a good dressmaker to have it taken in at the waist. Again, a sweetheart neckline is the most flattering, and cap sleeves will widen the lollipop’s shoulders. Soft, draping fabrics will give the lollipop a smaller waist and flatter her hips. Shoes with slim but straight high heels complete the lollipop’s party look.