How to choose bridal party with sensitivity

How to choose bridal party with sensitivity

Choosing a bridal party is an important decision. Unfortunately, it is one that often results in hurt feelings to those who are not included. Before choosing who will stand by them on their wedding day, brides should be aware that there is a way to make this decision while still maintaining a degree of sensitivity.

Brides Should Avoid Hurt Feelings Via Communication

If a bride suspects that one of her friends or family members might be offended that they are not included, a simple mention of their intentions might do the trick. The less confrontational brides may avoid this type of conversation and in doing so they often create more tension than necessary. To avoid any awkwardness regarding her decision, a bride should be open and honest with everyone that she might suspect be offended.

More is Not Always Merrier in Bridal Parties

In the case where a bride intends to include all eight of her best friends from college, there is a bigger chance of someone being offended for not being included. On the other hand, if a bride chooses a smaller wedding party, this same friend might be less inclined to be hurt by the decision. After all, a smaller wedding party usually means a more selective bride.

Brides Should Consider Who To Give Smaller Wedding Day Roles To

If a considerate bride-to-be wants to delegate smaller roles out on her wedding day, she might want to use it as an opportunity to include friends or family members who are not in the bridal party. If they choose this route, brides try hard to stress the importance of the smaller roles.

Bride-to-Bes Should Consider Who to Include in Pre-Wedding Festivities

To a friend or family member who is offended by not being included in the bridal party, the pre-wedding festivities can sometimes be difficult and awkward. It is easy to feel ostracized from a group if certain parts of the wedding day are reserved strictly for the bridal party.

Brides who are concerned about this should consider moving away from tradition and try something different. An example would be to have a bar-b-que dinner at someone’s home where all could be invited, rather than a fancy sit down dinner at an expensive restaurant.

A certain degree of humility and concern for others is a very attractive and important quality in a bride-to-be. Brides should remember to communicate their intentions, consider that a larger bridal party can sometimes cause problems, think about handing out smaller wedding day roles, and try to include everyone in pre-wedding festivities. If a bride can accomplish these small goals while choosing her wedding party, it is certain that all of her family and friends will love her for it.