How to decorate at home

How to decorate at home

Whether you decorate your home on purpose or you just sort of let things happen your home has an interior decorating scheme and that scheme says something about you and your sense of style. If you want to make the right statements use the following tips and tricks from professional interior designers to get the results you want.

Express Yourself

Don’t simply copy something you see in a magazine; your home should reflect your personality and feel comfortable, homey if you will. Look through magazines and find several rooms you like and then try to determine what it is you actually like in the pictures. Once you uncover your style and preferences you can break out of the magazines and develop your own interior decorating scheme.

Edit your Decorating

Too many personal touches can be distracting and looks cluttered. Edit your decorating decisions so you don’t have too much going on in your room, this will actually draw focus to the items you do decide to display. If it’s hard for you to decide between items then try to group them by theme and then rotate your themes seasonally.

Quality Basics

Most people don’t have the time, inclination or finances to redecorate their home on a real regular basis. If you want to keep your home looking fresh, new and trendy then you need to start with some quality basic pieces that are fairly timeless. Look for sleek lines and classic pieces with colors that aren’t too trendy. This is an inexpensive way to keep a room looking current and exciting.

Organization and Storage

Too often storage and organization are glossed over when creating an interior decorating scheme but these elements must be considered or your end product will get messy and cluttered after a very short period. Look for pieces that perform multiple functions with storage being one of them. Then once your style is established, work to keep your rooms organized and clean.

Choose Colors Wisely

Colors do affect emotions so learn the moods colors create and select your interior decorating color schemes accordingly. You don’t want to decorate a room in black just because it’s the trendy thing to do if it’s going to make you depressed and have you avoiding the room. You also don’t want to decorate in strong reds and oranges if you’re trying to lose weight as those colors increase appetite.