How to find luxury destination spa

How to find luxury destination spa

The most important considerations, when choosing a luxury spa destination include determining your traveling companions and understanding what features are most important to you.

Who Are You Traveling With?

To help find the best package for your needs, determine who’s going along and then decide what features are most important for you and your traveling companions. Some spas offer services geared toward families and offer specific activities and programs available for children while other spas may specialize in weekend retreats and special activities for women, men, mother’s and daughters, bridal parties, newlyweds and couples. For instance, at the Broadmoor Hotel and Spa in Colorado Springs, Colorado, pre-teens and teens can choose from a variety of special classes and services geared toward teenage grooming.

What Features Matter?

Destinations such as the Guanahani in St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies are famous for catering to honeymooners. Their suites include either a private swimming pool or a private Jacuzzi. Other destination spas specialize in hosting weddings, including rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions.

A trip to Las Vegas is an invitation to visit some of the world’s top luxury spas. The MGM Grand, which offers several spa packages, is well known for its spa services, health club and fitness center. And for people who enjoy the bustle of Las Vegas but prefer to forego gambling, the Platinum Hotel and Spa is the only non-gaming, non-smoking boutique hotel in Las Vegas, centrally located just one block off the Strip.

Who wouldn’t want to return from their vacation 5 pounds lighter? If weight loss and fitness are your primary goals, look into spas such as Mountain Trek in British Columbia, Canada that rely on the highly successful Fit Path method. Spa Index has a list of destination spas that specialize in weight loss.

Golf, horseback riding, scuba diving, exercise classes, cosmetic procedures, mineral springs, specific types of healthy cuisine, cooking classes, inspirational programs, white-water rafting, hiking trails, beaches, skiing, and fishing are some of the other attractions offered by spas.

How Do the Costs Compare?

When comparing the cost of the various spa destinations, be sure to find out what’s included, such as meals and spa visits, and find out the hours these services are available. If you’re looking at spa packages, determine if you expect to participate in everything that’s included in your package and calculate the costs if you were to pay separately for lodging and spa services. Find out, too, what specials are being offered and see if you’re eligible for any special discounts.