hair dye

How To Hair Dye At Home

Whether you are going back to your natural roots, or just trying to cover them up, box dying is a good way to achieve it. Experimenting is good, but dyes can be rough on your hair when used frequently or improperly.

The color of the dye you select should blend with the original color of your hair and eyebrows and enhance your natural features. Although it’s best to dye at a salon, wallets are slim these days and you can create the same effect in your bathroom. Here are some tips on how to dye hair at home. But first you should learn about the different types.

Types of Dye


Benefit of permanent is just that, permanent: it actually dyes the root of the hair. In time, as hair grows, it needs to be reapplied. It also contains ammonia and peroxides, which can cause severe damage.

Long Lasting Semi-Permanent

As the name implies, these dyes have the longest life remaining even after 20 washes. They don’t have harsh chemicals and won’t be the end of the world – if you decide you don’t like them.

Semi Permanent

These have the shortest lifespan, usually washing out after 6-12 washes. The colors will fade greatly, which means these are great for experimenting with colors and shades.

Now here are some great tips on how to dye your hair safely:

– Do not attempt to go more than two shades lighter or darker than true color.
– Always test on a few strands first to make sure it’s the color you want; don’t go by the photo on the box.
– Prep your hair so the color will last. Wash hair a day before dyeing so natural oils can protect the scalp.
– Start by separating the hair into two or four quadrants, depending on how thick your hair is.
– Wear plastic gloves while mixing solutions and applying dye to hair.
– Squeeze a small amount of coloring into each quadrant, making sure roots are covered. From there streak thin stripes of color down hair – starting from root and ending at the tip.
– Once all quadrants have been colored, use remaining dye over entire head. Don’t forget to recover the roots. –
– Don’t over-process the ends.
– Add about five minutes to the suggested length of time for dye to penetrate.
– Rinse with cold water.
– Be sure to use a conditioner for colored treated hair. Super dry hair? Use a deep conditioner once a week to keep processed hair soft.