gemstone ring

How to make a gemstone ring

Oversized cocktail rings set with a large semi-precious gemstones are very popular for everyday wear. If you have just a little patience and a steady hand it is very easy to create your own ring with bling (click on this link to see the ring version of the aquamarine pendant shown on this page) in just a matter of minutes. Then you will have the exact setting you want with the exact gemstone to create the finishing touch for your perfect look.

The best way to learn how to create a ring with bling is to start from the end and work your way forward. The only ‘jewelry maker’ skill needed is to center the gemstone and tightly close the prongs around the gemstone. What makes this a breeze is that there are pliers that are specially made for prong-closing and are pretty inexpensive. Prices for prong-closing pliers range from $10 – $26.

This is not a bad investment when you consider you will probably be using then time and time again. Once you develop the knack it is incredibly easy to create rings, pendants and earrings – to keep for yourself or give as gifts. To really cut costs you can experiment with a pair of slim nose flat pliers that can be purchased at any hardware store. Flat nose pliers were used to set the aquamarine gemstone in the pendant shown on this page.

Many different online jewelry supply houses carry prong-closing pliers. Recommended are Contenti, Rio Grande and Fire Mountain Gems. You will need to set up an account at Rio Grande in order to shop there but this process is quick and easy and they sell some awesome looking faceted gemstones that can be used to create your ring with bling. In addition to the regular prong-setting pliers Rio Grande also sells beading pliers that form a round bead at the end of the prong. This look really adds flair to a setting.

Whichever set of prong-closing pliers you purchase make sure you read the instructions that come with the pliers. The most important tip to remember when setting your gemstone is that gentle, gradual pressure is used. It is kind of like tightening the lug nuts when changing a tire. Each lug nut is tightened in order, slightly, a few different times so that the tire is perfectly straight.

It is the same with setting a gemstone. For a square or emerald shape stone start at the upper right hand corner prong and slightly tighten the prong around the gemstone, move to the lower left hand corner repeat the same motion, then to the upper left hand corner and finally to the lower, right hand corner. Repeat this action about two times or until the gemstone is securing set.

Close up pictures showing the use of prong-closing pliers are posted at another jewelry making article. While the images are for a pair of earrings, the same technique is used to close ring prongs. One can also order a gemsetting video from Tripp’s Manufacturing