Themed Mother's Day Gift Basket

How to Make a Themed Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Making a themed gift basket is a great way to put together some of a Mother’s favorite items and present them to her in a decorative way. The theme can be on anything, as long as it reflects something important in the mom’s life.

Gift Basket Themes

The first thing to do when making a basket is to select a theme. For example, if the mom enjoys cooking, consider making a cooking basket. It could include some new cooking gadgets, along with a new cooking book, and some interesting spices.

A spa or beauty basket is a great way to let a mom feel spoiled. For fans of reading, a reading basket would be a welcome treat. It can contain a new book, coffee or tea to enjoy while reading, along with a snack, and a gift card to purchase more books.

Some additional ideas are a gardening basket, an entertainment basket including movie tickets, some new DVDs, and popcorn, a sewing basket, or a food basket containing some of the mom’s favorite treats such as chocolate, gourmet cheese, or cookies.

Make Your Own Gift Basket

When choosing a basket, first, be sure it reflects the theme. A pastel colored basket would work well as a soothing spa gift basket while a plastic popcorn container would be great to use for an entertainment basket. In addition, try to have the basket match the decor of the room it will be kept in as many times, baskets are kept out in the open and used as decorative pieces.

Gift Basket Supplies

Finding a basket to use should be pretty easy. If on a budget, consider getting one at a second hand store. Stores like Walmart or Target usually have a nice selection on hand. Otherwise, check with a local florist. Items can be placed directly into the basket or if wanting to do something a little fancier, place a decorative kitchen towel or some fabric on the bottom of the basket. The basket can also be decorated by adding a bow and decorative trim.