How To Make Up For A Low MCAT Score

How To Make Up For A Low MCAT Score

There are very many brave students with the desire to pursue a career in the field of medicine, but unfortunately, they have low MCAT scores. A low score on your MCAT test can be overwhelming but this does not mean your dream of pursuing a career in medicine is over. Here are some of the techniques you can apply to make up for a low MCAT score.

Retake The Test

Sometimes we have to take some steps backward in order to proceed to the next stage. Retaking the MCAT test is another option to enhance your score. You can take this as an opportunity to work with an MCAT tutor to help you fix your problem areas and increase your score. Rethink some of the strategies you have applied and show that you have the capacity to improve. Most of the medical schools will recognize the hard work you put in to gain a good score and reconsider your medical application as per the new results. However, retaking the test is not the only option. There are many other techniques you can use to make your application more attractive.

Letter Of Recommendation How To Make Up For A Low MCAT Score

Recommendation Letters

You can also seek out letters of recommendation from respected members of the community; especially those in the medical field. Look for individuals who can confirm your desire to learn, reliability, and dedication to pursue the career of your dreams. Your former teachers and employers, as well as your own doctors are the perfect sources for recommendation letters. It’s good to have a variety of personal recommendations since they define your core values as well as your personality.

Reconsider Your School List

If you realize you obtained a lower MCAT score than you had hoped, it’s essential to alter the list of medical schools you are planning to apply to. Although the high ranked schools may seem appealing to you, they may not be an ideal option for you. Look for other schools which will value your strength in other areas and submit applications to schools with a higher rate of acceptance as well as fewer applications for you to compete against.

Graduate school How To Make Up For A Low MCAT Score

Consider Graduate School

Medical schools are always an option, but there is adequate time to further your studies prior to applying for a medical school. You can decide to pursue a master’s degree or PhD in a science field that will relate to the medical field later on. Excelling in any of these programs will be an added advantage when seeking admission to a medical school. Ensure you have the desire and trust in every course you decide to take, otherwise, you will not achieve the desired results. You have to like what you do in order to succeed.

Gain Experience

Seeking guidance from clinicians is a great way of gaining experience before you submit your application to any medical school. Being in touch with clinicians will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, interact with patients, and also listen to your advisers. Learning from those who have been in this profession already will be a great step prior to submitting your application.

Similarly, volunteering in the medical field will help you to gain practice experience and establish good relationships with more professionals in the health sciences. Determination to learn and devoting your time in the field of medicine will enhance your application.

You need to understand that the MCAT is just an exam, and a poor score isn’t the end of the world. Take some time to identify your goals and keep working hard to achieve them.