How To Open Pool

How To Open Pool When Summer Approaches

As warm weather approaches, you’ll want to open your pool. Follow these instructions for the proper way to open a pool.

You need to remove the cover before you can do anything. The First Step is to remove any leaves and other junk that has collected on your cover over the winter. Use a leaf net to remove the solid waste. Use a submersible pump to remove any standing water. Submersible pumps can be rented. Allow the cover to dry completely and then fold and store away in a dry location.

Add water to your pool and fill to the midpoint. Before you closed your pool, you should have drained it below the skimmer. If you have a hole in your cover, it may be above the desired level in which case you will need to remove water after you get your filter system running.

Remove any freeze or expansion plugs and the Gizzmo. Replace with skimmers, wall returns and directional fittings.

Reinstall equipment such as ladders and rails.

Purge all air from the equipment such as your sand filter. Air will be compressed and pressure will have built up over the winter so be wary.

Prime the pump and start the filtration system. Inspect the pump and make sure there are no leaks and no pipes have broken over the winter.

Allow the pool to circulate for 8-10 hours. This will mix the water that you just added with the old water. Do not throw a bunch of chlorine and chemicals into the pool at this point. Chlorine will cause stains on the side of your pool

While your pool is circulating, clean any debris out of the pool with your leaf net and use a wall/floor brush to clean dirt accumulated on the bottom.

Once the water has circulated, test the water and add appropriate chemicals. The best way to test water is to take it to your local pool store and allow them to use testing machines. The self-tests are not as accurate but they do work. You will likely be shocking the pool, also called superchlorinate. This will destroy the pesky algae and microorganisms plus make your pool look sparkling clean.

Allow the pool to filter for at least a 24 hours in order for the water to cleanse and combine. Test the water again. You may need to shock the pool, add pH balancer or otherwise. Clean the pool every day during this time.

Your pool should be clean and you should be able to see to the bottom of the pool. You can now swim in the pool.