How to Plan the Next Corporate Blowout in 2022

How to Plan the Next Corporate Blowout in 2022

We’re at a point where we’re almost getting through the pandemic, and that’s one reason to celebrate. No wonder many of you are planning small gatherings and celebrations here and there. But it’s one thing to organise a small affair and an altogether different thing to organise a big one – especially if it’s for your office! So what aspects do you have to keep in mind to not only make it easier but much more doable? Here’s your guide to planning the next corporate blowout in 2022.

Think of combining events

If you haven’t heard yet of hybrid events, now’s the time to sit up and take notice. In the past year or two, there has been a move towards event-planning, hybrid style as confirmed by party planners Cotswolds like Oasis Events. You guessed it – it’s all about planning meetings or celebrations online, but also in-person. This is a great way to accommodate those who want to participate in your event but are hesitant about ‘joining the masses’. This way, all your attendees can join in the way they want. This works well if you have speakers or live performers at your event; you can simply record them. It works both ways, too, of course – those who want to experience the action live can readily do so. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Make it immersive – but keep those safety protocols in mind

Another thing you can do, if you are planning an in-person gathering, is to make it immersive, but at the same time, make sure to stick to various safety protocols. Keep the social distancing on-point, and see if there are any local regulations or restrictions you have to follow. As far as we know, there are no longer any restrictions, but it’s best to be sure. Besides, your guests and attendees may appreciate you putting in the extra effort to ensure everyone’s safety. But give everyone a chance to mingle and catch up, and don’t forget the all-important Q&As!

Choose a theme that will resonate – as well as draw everyone’s attention

A theme will always work to draw in the crowd, and having a theme makes things easier to plan! But which theme then works best? One idea is to focus on wellness – it’s a perfect backdrop since everyone has become more aware of what it means to be well in the past year alone. You can choose sub-themes related to wellness, such as coping with burnout, achieving a nice balance between working from home and your personal life, and the like.

Other themes include diversity and new technologies in your field. But whatever you do, make it a highly relevant theme that will contribute to people’s growth.

Bring it together with amenities

No matter what theme or event you have, it will not make much difference without the right amenities. In other words, give your audience what they expect. It includes making sure it is accessible to everyone and giving your audience a chance to network – be it face to face or through online platforms like chat groups.

A lot has changed, but some aspects that make an event great are still the same.