Spring Clothes

How To Save Buying Spring Clothes

Spring is almost here, and soon everyone will be looking for lighter, more colorful spring clothes that are flattering and in style. Here are some tips on how to create a spring wardrobe easily, without spending too much.

Buy Spring and Summer Clothes at the Same Time

It’s a good way to save time and money. So, for example, buy shorts that can be worn with tights when it’s still spring and relatively temperate, then shed the tights in summer. Or combine colorful t-shirts and cropped denim jackets for spring, and go without the jacket in summer.

Shop at Bargain Stores

Take advantage of thrift stores, vintage or consignment shops, factory outlets, and discount chains, seeking name brand and barely worn clothing. Try Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and church fairs, too. Sometimes they have great deals on jewelry, or vintage clothing not found anywhere else. What was once a stigma-buying used clothing-is now smart shopping.

Buy Versatile, Mix or Match Clothing

A good wardrobe mixes good quality essentials (slacks, jackets, little black dress) that are worn a lot, with different tops, shirts, accessories, and colors-especially the new spring hues for 2010. For example, in keeping with the more “frilly” trend in women’s clothing, try a spring dress with vintage turquoise earrings that can be found at a consignment or vintage shop.

Shop with Clothing Trends in Mind

What’s in? The slouchy or skinny pant, layering (e.g., the “boyfriend blazer” and vests), denim and chambray, the jumpsuit, and colorful abstract prints, among others. Include accessories or clothing elements to stay up-to-date without spending a lot. But it’s important to “make it your own,” and avoid buying anything that doesn’t look good on.