How to Shop for Teen Fashion Trends

How to Shop for Teen Fashion Trends

Teen Fashion Trends

Current teen and tween fashion trends can be purchased to compliment basic layering pieces. Tee shirts, camisoles, and even summer dresses can easily be worn throughout the fall. Choose silk or silk blend sleeved camisoles in black or white. Crisp cotton stretch blouses and warm denim leggings can create several different looks. Layering clothing helps add modesty to mini dresses, skirts, and sheer fabrics.

These layering pieces are light weight and add instant warmth. Look in magazines for current teen fashion trends. Pay close attention to which fashionable colors, hardware details, and fabrics are popular.

Fashion Sweaters

Light sweaters that button or zip in the front can be taken off and put on throughout the day. Choose colors that blend with the current wardrobe. Fashion sweaters in solid colors can be repeated often without being obvious repeats. Avoid purchasing too many patterned or floral sweaters. Look for thin sweaters with a v neck or round neck that can be easily layered. Pair these fashion sweaters will sleeveless collared shirts, tee shirts, and pair with summer skirts.

Textured Tights

You do not have to put away the shorts or skirts when temperatures start to fall. Pair skirts and shorts with textured tights or sweater tights. Select flattering tones and textures that are age appropriate. Fish net stockings and extremely sheer adult patterns should be avoided. Colors such as purple, navy blue, red, and gray can compliment most wardrobes and skin tones.

Wardrobe Planning

Creating a transition wardrobe from summer to fall is easy. These key wardrobe pieces can be purchased on any budget. Study current teen fashion trends to be able to easily identify what is in style. Use these tips to plan, budget, and shop for your teenage daughters wardrobe.

Create a list of basic wardrobe pieces. A very basic transition wardrobe only involves a few pieces. Layering tops, fashion sweaters, thin layering sweaters, and tights. All of these pieces can be purchased at department stores, discount stores, or online. View sweaters, blouses, jeans, and skirts as basic pieces that can be worn throughout the school year. New trendy pieces of jewelry, printed tops, fashion purses, and dresses will help keep the basic wardrobe pieces in rotation.