How To Stay Stylish When Pregnant

These days maternity wear does not spell the onset of maternity muumuus and caftans, diaphanous dresses and baggy pants.

There are many stylish options that allow women to dress for their ever-expanding body shape and to look just as glamorous and fashionable when pregnant as in their pre-pregnancy days. Below are some tips:

When to Buy Maternity Wear

Continue wearing existing clothing in the closet for as long as is practical and comfortable.

According to fashion experts one of the most common fashion faux pas it that pregnant women buy their maternity clothes too early. Wearing maternity clothes can make a woman look larger than she really is, as they are cut to different proportions.

What to Wear When Pregnant

The majority of women will find it possible to wear many of their normal clothes during the first trimester and beyond. This means apply commonsense. Looking like a stuffed sausage is not appealing but there will be pieces in a woman’s existing closet that will pass muster. This may involve some creativity with fastenings (safety pins etc) on a favorite pair of pants and a few adaptations like wearing a favorite dress over trousers. When it is time to invest in some maternity jeans/pants – take note of any flowing tops and dresses which can still do double-duty.

Maternity Fashion Tips

By learning to dress in cuts and styles which complement her new expanding body shape it is possible to wear non-maternity clothes for the majority of her pregnancy by buying one or two sizes larger.

Choosing pieces which are cut to flatter large stomachs and expanding waistlines, big-busts and expanding hips and thighs is the key. Loose fitting tops, maxi dresses and empire-line cuts win in the style stakes over tent dresses and maternity muumuus. Dresses, skirts and tops that have swing or soft draping fabrics that fall gently over the belly will provide room for a baby on board.

Follow Your Signature Style

Keep faithful to your signature style — take note of favorite pieces in your wardrobe and look for them in maternity styles or simply bigger sizes. Look for comfortable, lightweight fabrics and Lycra blends which will be more forgiving on an expanding figure. Go for solid-block colors for a polished, more slimming, sophisticated look. Crazy prints and heavy embellishments will compete with a baby bump.

Make use of accessories to play up a signature style and personality. Use scarves to camouflage a baby bump and jewelry to bring attention to the neckline and face. As a woman’s body gets bigger, shopping for clothes may become less appealing. A moral-boosting dose of retail therapy is always available by shifting the focus to bags and accessories. These can continue to be used post-pregnancy as well as keep a woman looking stylish throughout her maternity period.