How to travel with hybrid golf clubs

How to travel with hybrid golf clubs

Hybrid Golf Travel Cases

Before the hybrid golf travel bag, golfers faced a dilemma: to carry an awkward, oversized hard-sided case that could only transport the clubs but not the golf bag or to take a soft-sided travel cover that transported the golf bag but offered little protection for the clubs?

The hybrid travel case is perfect for golfers who travel a fair bit and do not trust airlines with their golf clubs and for those of us who hate renting clubs but in the past found we had few viable options.

Some Brands to consider when purchasing a hybrid golf travel case

Datrek offers three models of hybrid bag that are designed to be carried on motorized golf carts, fine for most situations, but not a great option for walkers. Their smallest and cheapest model, the compact ($109.00) however, is manageable for those who like to walk the course.

Those traveling by two seater sports car or motorcycle should consider the Autolinx Travel Cover that can be attached to the rear of a vehicle much like a bike rack. The hardshell case with a 10 x 15″ hatch-style opening fits most bags and stores clubs in an upright position. When detached from the hitch, the Autolinx functions like a regular wheeled travel case. Optional adapters allow golfers to mount the Autolinx to a golf cart, or to carry up to 4 Autolinx cases at once. Includes hitch adapter and locking hitch pin. At nearly $300.00 US.

When asked for his advice on traveling with golf clubs, Steve, sales associate for Nevada Bob’s in downtown Toronto, was quick to recommend the Bag Boy Hybrid. He said the bags were selling well and customers were very happy with them- no complaints so far.

Bag Boy Hybrid Travel Case is the perfect solution for traveling golfers who want solid protection for their clubs but don’t want to rent a golf bag when they arrive at their destination. The Hybrid functions as both a traveling case and a regular golf bag. Like most other brands, the Bag Boy Hybrid comes in three sizes, starting at $100.00. Be sure to measure car trunk space accurately before purchasing the hybrid bag.