How to wear winter accessories indoors

How to wear winter accessories indoors

Winter accessories, such as hats and gloves, tend to have an “outdoor” feeling to them, as if one must take off all accessories upon entering an indoor area. But depending on the type of accessory, this is not always necessary — and since accessories tend to complete an outfit, there’s good reason for keeping them on indoors.

The key is picking the right accessory, so as not to look like someone who won’t take their coat off inside. The following are examples of how to get the indoor winter look right.


A scarf that is very thick and wrapped around the neck numerous times can look must too heavy indoors. A woman should choose a scarf that is a bit more lightweight than one meant for super-cold weather, and also one that’s not excessively long.

Searching the children’s or junior’s department for scarves is one way to find a scarf that isn’t so bulky. Children’s scarves tend to be much shorter and thinner than ones intended for adults.


An indoor hat shouldn’t look like one that’s meant for protection against sun or wind. Indoor hats should be stylish, such as a beret or sleek driving cap, and not too large or overpowering.

Look at old films, especially those from the 1930s and 1940s, to see examples of “the way you wear your hat” — women’s hats were extremely popular during these decades. (Need proof? More than one episode of I Love Lucy, from the early 1950s, references how many hats she owns or buys.)

For men’s hats, take inspiration from Mad Men, though it’s generally most appropriate for a man to remove his hat upon entering a room.


Easy rule: mittens are for outdoors, gloves can be for indoors. Mittens are usually fuzzy, keep-your-hands warm items, intended to be taken off once a woman gets inside. Gloves, however, can be more form-fitting and chic, especially in fabrics like kid leather or suede.

And why not bring back old-fashioned party gloves, especially for the holidays? With a simple dress, elbow-length gloves look exceptionally elegant. Young girls can wear tea-length (to the wrist) gloves for parties.


The thinner and sleeker the boot, the better it looks indoors. Form fitting boots, whether ankle-length or knee-length, are appropriate with looks as varied as dresses or jeans. Leather or suede generally are the best indoor fabrics. It’s rain boots or chunky “galoshes” that seem as though they should stay outside.