How You Can Easily Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit and System

How You Can Easily Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit and System

Air conditioning for the home or office has become increasingly vital in today’s world, and there are many reasons why more home and property owners are choosing to have air conditioning systems for their properties. You can have air conditioning in your entire premises or in just one single area, but it’s important to make sure that your air conditioning system is always in tip-top shape. Annual or yearly servicing is essential, of course, but so is regular maintenance, which you can do yourself. If you want to easily and effectively maintain your air conditioning unit and system, here are some things you can do.                                                               

  1. Change the filter

One of the most important things you can do for your unit and system is to change the filter on a regular basis. In fact, the experts recommend changing the filter once a month. The air filter of your air conditioning unit works to keep the system working in an efficient way and making sure to replace the filter regularly will have a positive impact on its performance.

  1. Check the components and wiring

Before you try to check the components and wiring of your air conditioning system or unit, make sure to turn the power off first. You can do this at the main or primary switch for your home and at the service connected to your outdoor unit or system. Once you do this, you can then remove the condenser’s access panel and look for signs of burnt wires, overheating, insulation which has melted, and so on. You should also make sure that all the electrical parts and components are secure and not loose. If you see evidence of issues or problems and are not entirely confident of your know-how, you can always call in experts in air conditioning Sussex offers, like Sub-Cool-FM.

  1. Examine your thermostat

You should also make it a point to examine your thermostat to ensure that it is working properly. A properly working thermostat allows you to keep your property at the best temperature. Here’s one thing to note as well: if your thermostat is an older model which is mechanical in nature, it may be time to have it replaced with a newer one which is programmable.

 Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit and System

  1. Assess the fan of the condenser

As mentioned, make sure the power is off before you examine anything in your unit or system. Once you have confirmed that the power is off, you can then examine the condenser fan at the top of the condenser located outdoors, to see its condition. If there are any cracks or chips in the blades, it may be time for a replacement. If you have an older air conditioning unit, the bearings for the fan motor may need oiling, too.

  1. Clean the unit

If your air conditioning unit or system is relatively new, it may not need to be thoroughly cleaned yet. But over time, grass, dirt, and leaves may accumulate on the outside of the unit, which can decrease the unit’s efficiency and affect the flow of air. To solve this, simply wash off the debris and dirt with a garden hose. Avoid using a power washer, however. If there are any shrubs or bushes surrounding the unit, trim these back so that they will not affect the air circulation to and from the unit.